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Hi, my name is Summer. Thank you for visiting Radiantly Raw. It began 3 years ago as a health, fitness, and lifestyle blog that I started in order to share my raw food journey. Since then, it has morphed into so much more! Be Radiantly Raw opened up many doors and connections for me. I was able to work for my raw food hero, Matthew Kenney, start my online cleansing business, write two raw food recipe books (Alive: a guide to becoming radiantly raw is due out in mid March), start my own raw food delivery business, and help people make lifestyle changes that not only served them, but their children, and future generations. Raw, Vegan food is my passion, when you combine raw food, a conscious lifestyle, and self-awareness, what you get is a trio that can shoot you to the moon! Radiantly Raw is a hub where you can get your raw food products, inspiring books, educational services, recipes, fitness guidance, and live food connection. It is a mecca of life, love, and food. I love connecting with you, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to email me
With love, light, and blessings.

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Body and skin care the RAW way 101

Okay. This subject is very important to me and should be to you as well! I went through a traditional beauty school and got my cosmetology licence. We learned all about skin and the “right” products to use to keep our skin glowing and young. There for a little while I was using all these traditional bottled products hoping for a change in my skin. Finally after being on raw food and a cleansing my internal body, I began to research the ingredient of the things I was putting on my skin and feeding into my pores everyday. It was shocking! filled with chemicals, fillers, minerals that aren’t healthy (talc) parabens (a preservative that effect your hormonal balance) sulfates (harsh detergents that irritate your skin) and dyes. It was really shocked and let down. I had spent all this money on products claiming to be natural and good for me. Clearly they were not. 

My discovery was great in a few ways…My husband will be very happy that I wont be spending thousands of dollars on skincare for the rest of our lives :) products get pricey and I was spending an average of $600 per month when I really broke it down. Scary! and slightly embarrassing. I know have made over my skin care (and hair care) to a simple but very effective routine. Here is what I use and do.

  • In the morning I cleanse with baking soda and if my skin is feeling extra oily I use a little apple cider vinegar as well. I brush my teeth with this also…oh and wash my hair with it! One stop shop.
  • Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is great for skin. I use it on my face even. I love how my skin looks when I use this. Careful if you have very oily skin. Use coconut instead. This can also be used as a hair treatment (put on, leave on for 20 or over night for a complete repair)
  • For a mask that is anti bacterial and also helps refine pores I use wild honey. I literally just put in on my face and leave it for about 20 min. My skin feels clean and I can see the smoothness and quality improving.
  • If my skin is feeling dirty and oily I use a clay mask. It always feels so good and pure afterwards. If I really need some cleaning I mix the clay with apple cider vinegar instead of water. Strong stuff! 
  • I also use powdered vitamin C as a mask or combined with my backing soda for a wash. Vitamin C is great for anti aging. It works with the synthesis of collagen and fighting free radicals.
  • Coconut oil! I use it for everything. My skin, my hair, my face. It is anti bacterial, has a natural sunscreen (not enough to protect though) moisturizes and keeps everything healthy. 
  • Product wise- I do use a few here and there I love Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream and any of Evenhealys line. I also Like John Masters Organics.

Bottom Line. Read the what’s in your products. If you wouldn’t eat it or can’t read it, don’t put it on your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and is very delicate. Take care of it. <3

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